How Does This Work?

Once you have created your username and password you can go online to your personal space and create a new book and upload the files for it. Your files are cataloged in this secure environment that is only available to you. You are free to upload any amount of books titles that you like, and so forming your online archive of all your books that you might want to print. At any time you can log in to print a proof, manage your archives or make an order of books from files that you have in your online archive. After ordering books you can log on to see status and shipping information. You can even search records of previous orders and records of books that you have made available to be sold wholesale. All this means that you are in total control of your files and they are ready at a moments notice for you to place an order, all of this making it a very convenient system to use. There is no need to upload your files every time you order, which avoids waste of time and errors.