Quick Start

Username and password registration:         

  • Fill in all information as accurately as possible as this information will be used on your official invoices.
  • Email address becomes your username.
  • Agree to terms of use.
  • Download PDF of agreement and send signed and stamped copy via post to us within 30 days.






Print Order > Log in> My Uploaded Books 

  • “My Uploaded Books” is the default screen that you will see when you log in.
  • Here you can see all the books you have uploaded and that are kept secure on the site.
  • You can check their status: ok’d, proofed, locked and market.
  • You can search your existing books that you have previously uploaded.
  • From here you can select “Add New Book” and you will be directed to the following screen:









Create New Book and Upload Files                 

  • Select the button New Book.
  • Publisher number and book number are automatically filled in.
  • Fill in the information of the fields: Title, Inside block, page bleed, size, text paper, cover lamination, binding (other forms of binding will be added in future) and number of pages. (Most fields have drop down menus with options to choose from. Please note that different papers are available depending whether the text block is either black and white or color. (Numbers of pages for A-5 are in increments of 8 and for A-4 size increments of 4.)
  • After the fields are filled in the upload buttons are active and can be used upload the appropriate files. In the case of the book block you would click the “Upload Block PDF" and you will then be given access to the file structure on your computer to show which file you want used.
  • Next choose “Upload Cover PDF” and select the file to be used for the cover.
  • Click "Submit" button and wait until you see the saved successfully message!
  • Please note that only .PDF files can be uploaded.
  • Please use PDF/X-1a:2001 format to avoid errors. This format can easily be exported from programs such as QuarkXpress and InDesign.
  • If you go back to the screen “My Uploaded Books” this book will appear in the list with ”Pending” in the OK’d column.
  • Our staff will check the PDF files and then will mark them OK’d or will contact you with the problem that exists.





Working with Existing files

  • When you login your default position is “My Uploaded Books” screen.
  • From here you can select any book in the list and after pressing the “Existing Book Files” button you will be directed to the following screen:






Existing Book File

  • From here you can order a proof copy of your selected book once our staff has changed the status to OK’d.
  • After you received your printed proof you can lock the file making it ready for production and assuring that nothing is changed.
  • The book can be deleted, however this is without recourse, so please be sure you have a copy on your computer!!
  • There is recourse on this page to replace files. This gives you the ability to correct or update a book block or cover without deleting and recreating a new book. However this needs to be used with caution, as if you do this the file status will return to “Pending” and you will have to go through the whole approval process including printing of another proof.
  • Here you can also request Wholesale Distribution of your book which will lead you to the following screen:





Request Wholesale Distribution (Future Offering)

  • Here you can request that your book be made available at wholesale prices to qualified wholesale buyers that are a part of our network.
  • By switching from Private to Wholesale this information will be pushed to these wholesale buyers.
  • Most blanks are auto filled with previously gathered information but there are new fields to be filled in: Author, Foreign Title, ISBN, Subject, Language, wholesale price that you want to sell it for, description and jpeg photo of book.
  • Pressing confirm will send the information to our linked wholesale partners so that they can include it on their websites if they so choose.
  • Books that are sold wholesale are done so under your control and by your authorization.
  • Books that are made available wholesale will be seen in the order tab “Order Books Wholesale.” Only authorized wholesale buyers see and have rights to buy your books.
  • Books sold in this way will be reported in “Report Wholesale” under reports in your account. The difference between production cost and the wholesale price you set is credited to your account.





Order Books 

  • All books that show up in “My Uploaded Books” and have been ok’d, proofed and locked appear automatically in the order form. No need to upload books files each time you order!! They are always at your convenience, making ordering easy!
  • Simply scroll down until you find the title that you want to order enter the quantity and when you have selected all books that you want to order click "Checkout"
  • If you are an authorized wholesale buyer you can browse the “Order Books Wholesale” tab and add other publisher’s books to your order – Future Offering







Billing Details

  • Select Billing Address or type another one.
  • Click "Continue"










Delivery Details

  • Select Delivery Address or type another one.
  • Click "Continue"










 Delivery Method

  • Choose delivery service.
  • Type of service: To Terminal or To Door
  • If Terminal, select nearest terminal to your location
  • Click "Continue"











Payment Method

  • Choose Payment Method.
  • Click "Continue"












Confirm Order

  • Check details.
  • Click "Continue"











Order Processed

  • An confirmation email is now sent to you with details of you order.
  • Click "Continue" to continue working.