Will I be able to tell a difference between the book that is produced via POD and a book that is printed offset?

For the general public they will not be able to tell the difference, the book print is clear and sharp and the binding will stand up just as well as a book produced by traditional means. For a person that is highly qualified in printing they will see small differences which although they find acceptable they also will compensate for these resulting in an even better product.


Is PDF the only kind of file that I can upload to produce my book?

In short, yes, PDF is the recognized standard file in publishing. Layout programs such as Adobe InDesign and QuarkXpress are able to export PDF files without a problem. The best standard to export to is: PDF/X-1a:2001 as it results in less errors. For good professional results we highly suggest that PDF flies are prepared is such professional layout programs and not in word-processing programs or other amateur design programs.


How do I prepare my files so that I am assured of good color reproduction?

Your files need to be created in CMYK and not RGB. For example if you use Adobe CS programs in the color settings you need to set them to “Europe PrePress 3” which will give you RGB: Adobe RGB (1998), CMYK: FOGRA 39. Of course the photos must be converted from RGB to CMYK in Photoshop with the above settings used. We calibrate our color digital press for FOGRA 39 Euro Standard.


How is copyright and author honorariums handled?

We are here to serve publishers, self-publishers and authors. The terms and conditions that you agree to when you sign up to use our service state that you will not submit material that you do not have copyright to. This means that you are responsible to secure copyright permission and satisfy all obligations with the author in regards to the material that you are using. Your agreeing to these terms means that any dispute over copyright is strictly between you and the author or publisher that holds the copyright. If you are an author and want you book distributed via our wholesale network what you get is the difference between production price and the wholesale price that you choose.


Can I get an ISBN from you and will you file copies with the central library?

We are a service to Publishers, self-publishers and authors and not a publisher but a print company therefore we cannot get an ISBN number for you. You as a publisher or self-publisher have the right to get ISBN numbers from the central library in your country. Also as concerns copies to be filed with the central library you need to order enough copies and submit them yourself.


As concerns content do you have restrictions as to what you will or will not print?

Certainly we will not print books with content that violates the law and this included books that would infringe copyright. As a moral stance we position ourselves as a company that produces “family friendly” materials. In other words something that would be embarrassing for your children to see most likely would also be something that we prefer not to produce. We do reserve the right to refuse service to print or reprint based on objectionable content.