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DigiBooks - number one POD service!


Welcome to DigiBooks and the Print on Demand (POD) revolution! Worldwide Print on Demand has been quickly adopted and it has seen phenomenal growth in the US and Europe with yearly growth rates of over 10% and increased yearly volumes of over 24%. In our economically challenged times such growth does grab our attention and demands our serious consideration of the process as a means of producing the books that we as self-publishers and publishers need to get our books to market. There are many advantages to using Print on Demand as you will see elsewhere on our site and we are sure that you will find many more advantages once you begin using it and experience it. We at DigiBooks are pleased to present these services to you and make them accessible here in this area of the world.

A word about distribution: We have taken a different approach than many POD companies in that we do not have a dedicated on site bookstore for selling the books to retail customers. Our service is to religious, technical, educational and other family friendly self-publishers and publishers that have specific lines of books that they are already selling through their own or related websites that reach these interest groups These publishers are better served by links to their websites where retail clients can buy their books. Whether you are a publisher or a book retail seller you can request that your site have a link from our site. As a publisher you can also make your books available at wholesale prices (you set the price) to approved wholesale buyers that are in our network and linked sites.

We invite you to browse our site and begin by reading “How this works”, and then register a username and password and give our system a try!

Advantages of using POD

  • New books can be published without the capital costs of a print run of thousands.

  • Allows you to reprint your old publications that you no longer have in stock, but have demand. Print a few and add to your sales! 

  • More titles can be published in a shorter time, bringing up the amount of titles and variety that you can offer your customers.

  • You can “risk” publishing titles that you would not be willing to invest in if you had to print a few thousand and lets you “test the market.”

  • Allows you to publish books of very specific interest for a narrow audience.

  • Eliminates warehousing of huge quantities of books, reducing costs.

  • You can order small amounts, delivered directly to your customers.

  • Avoids those left over books from a large run that you cannot sell.

  • Allows you to be in control of the result as books are printed from the PDF files that you upload.