PDF Files

PDF is the only kind of file that we use to print your book

PDF is the recognized standard file in publishing. Layout programs such as Adobe InDesign™ and QuarkXpress™ are able to export PDF files without a problem. The PDF file needs to be exported as: PDF/X-1a:2001 which is the standard for publishing and results in less errors. 

For good professional results we highly suggest that PDF flies are prepared is such professional layout programs and not in word-processing programs or other amateur design programs.

PDF files for Black and White work need to be exported as black only and not CMYK.

PDF files for Color work need to be exported as CMYK and not RGB. (See color settings under Accurate Color)

PDF settings in Adobe CS™

When Exporting PDF from Adobe CS™ in the "General" setting start with PDF/X-1a:2001


In the "Marks and Bleeds" setting check "Use Document Bleed Settings."

Note that in the Adobe PDF Preset (Modified) has been added – it is "ok."

Please note that at Digibook Press 5 mm is the standard bleed with all templates and automation set to use this amount.

If you use a different amount your images will be printed with a dislocation. 


In the "Output" setting make sure that Color Conversion:Convert to Destination (Preserve Numbers), Destination:Coated FOGRA39.